Residence F (Shibuya)2023.07


We renovated a second house in Omotesando for a foreign couple living in Singapore.

The concept of renovation is “Minimalistic Interior” and “Japanese simple modern bedroom”. We fabricated the Shoji door to divide the living room and the MBR. The “Koagari” with black painted (but not destroying the grain of wood) frame and Ryukyu tatami mats for the bed space as well as the original made Japanese wall paper “Washi” are the key points to realize the concept. The “Washi” hides the destroyed wall after the cabinet has been removed.
These fabrication was done by the skilled carpenter within two weeks.

The bay seating on the south side wall is newly fabricated. It has been clear painted to create a sense of unity with white wooden cleats of the Shoji door. This bay seating could be used for both workspace and small dining area, which allows spacious use of living room.