Clinic O (Yokohama)2018.02

クリニックリフォーム:clinic renovation

The client has been operating a dental clinic right in front of Mitsukyo Station for a long time. The client wanted to renovate the facade and interior of the clinic to make it more  patient-friendly for the aging patients. The exterior was     repainted in a color that is easy  on the eyes, and handrails were added to eliminate the difference in level from the  sidewalk. We also took the opportunity to create a new signage and a logo for the clinic.  Inside the clinic, we replaced the floor, walls, and ceiling with soft colors. Changing the  lighting was key to the renovation. We installed gentle bulb-colored lights in the waiting  area and easy-to-see light fixtures with reduced glare in the examination rooms. A stylish  waiting area became an accent of the new clinic.