Residence S (Ryogoku)2019.07


Full renovation of an apartment. The client’s request was to “create a guest room where parents can stay” in a 58 square meter space. We raised the floor of the guest room by 45cm and combined a Panasonic tatami storage and a built-in storage underneath to create a large-capacity storage room. A built-in counter and hanging shelves were made by a carpenter around the Panasonic L-class kitchen which resulted in a cozy open kitchen and dining space. The counter was equipped with a power outlet and USB port, and functioned as a workspace during the period of self-restraint due to the Coronavirus. The living room furniture height was kept low to create a change in the LDK and make the room look larger.

Sofa: MasterWall Polo sofa (legs cut 5cm)
Coffee table: Remake of existing furniture
Stool: Seki Furniture Lloyd Counter Chair