Welcome to Japan Package

It is not easy to set up a home from abroad. This service allows you to have your residence ready to live in before coming to Japan! We support you in creating your ideal home in Japan.

We can also help you find property in Japan. Please click here to contact us.

1 Submit the Form

Please fill out the online form here.

2 Online Meeting

We would like to know your design and interior style preferences.
Please send a floor plan prior to this meeting.
It is also recommended that you share some internet images that you like.

3 Outline Plan Meeting

We propose the floor plan with furniture and rough estimate.
If the proposal is alright with you, we enter in the contract. The fee occurs hereafter.

4 Contract & Payment

Signing of contract and Payment (¥200,000 + Tax)

5 Measurement of the Property

Borrowing the key from a real estate agent, we start measuring the place.

6 Sharing the Plan

The plan will be presented with 3D digital drawings.

7 Furniture, Curtain & Lighting Selection and Installment

We will order them and manage deliveries and settings.
The amount of furniture will be charged.

8 Construction (optional)

We will make arrangements with the construction company and work with them to redesign the space as necessary.
Changes may include the layout, flooring, wall paper, fabrication, etc.
The construction cost and the management fee (10-15% of construction cost) will be charged.

9 Appliances Orders & Receiving (optional)

After you buy the appliances online, we can receive them in your apartment and arrange the installation for you.
The fee ¥20,000 (+Transportation Fee) + Tax will be charged.

10 Internet Installation (optional)

Check available carrier in your house (building) and apply for Internet on your behalf.
The fee ¥20,000 (+Transportation Fee) + Tax will be charged.

11 Handover

12 Anything Extra After Handover (optional)

If a new consultation is added.
The fee ¥100,000 + Tax will be charged per consultation.

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