Residence C(Shinjyuku)2023.03


We coordinated a room for a foreign woman living in Japan for use by her family when they visit Japan.

The sofa in the living room has a separate backrest, so it can also be used as a bed. A sofa bed is placed in the work room, and a queen bed with a large storage capacity in the boys’ room. Overall, there is sleeping space for up to six people.

The owner’s favorite color, pink, is the theme of the soft and cute interior. It is accentuated by the keen shape of the shelf and the thin legs of the dining set.

In order not to spoil the fluffy feeling, the opening wall on the veranda side, where a sweep window and a hip window are lined up, is connected with lace curtains.

A bench and plantings were placed on the large veranda to create a space that can be used as an open cafe.