旅館再生プロジェクト その22019.05.07

In April, the second phase of renovation work was completed at Kyosen, a hidden onsen ryokan nestled in a valley at Tenryu Gorge in Iida City, Nagano Prefecture, designed by Hikone Architects, Inc. Following the first phase of renovation work last spring, we were in charge of the lighting plan and furniture selection.

A large linen noren curtain which is dyed through the ryokan’s logo at the entrance and an open-air paper lantern invite guests into the tranquil hideaway.




We located the oppressive free-standing sofas in the lobby. It can be used in a variety of sitting positions so that several groups of guests can relax comfortably at the same time. To allow guests to fully enjoy the Japanese garden throughout the four seasons, we selected acrylic lounge chairs with a sense of transparency.

Large beaded cushions are placed on the engawa to relax in the sun.


数組のお客様が同時に気兼ねなく寛げるように、様々な腰掛け方ができます。四季を通じて美しい木々の姿を楽しませてくれる庭園を存分に楽しんでいただくよう、ラウンジチェアはアクリルの透明感あるものを選定しました。(AD COREのPLUM)




The souvenir shop has been transformed into a chic library. We arranged the Scandinavian furniture and lighting to create Japandi-style. The Turn table light (Ambientec) was installed inside the bookshelves as an eyecatcher. Together with the lobby and coffee corner, this library has become a quiet and relaxing cozy corner to enjoy jazz music.

以前のお土産処だったコーナーは、黒を基調としたシックなライブラリーになりました。北欧の家具(HAY)と照明(Royal Furniture Collection)を置きアクセントに本棚の中には、Ambientec のテーブルスタンドTurnを設えました。ロビーと喫茶コーナーと合わせてジャズが流れる静かな落ち着いた空間になりました。


Four of the eight guest rooms were completely renovated into Zen-inspired modern room. Taking advantage of the location, each room has a couch set towards the window where the guests can enjoy the view of the Tenryu Gorge valley. In order to make the guest relax and calm, we used glare-free downlights and delicate, quiet, warm lights for the stands and pendant lights.

今回の工事では客室8室のうちの4室を全面リニューアルしました。天竜峡の渓谷を間近にのぞむ立地を生かし、景色を見ながら寛げるカウチを各部屋に設え、照明はグレアレスなダウンライトを使いスタンドとペンダントライトは繊細で静かな暖かい灯にこだわりました。(Time & Style Andon)


This is a newly built dining area. We paired a Japan made dining table and chairs, with quiet spots of downlight and table lights to stir up the Kaiseki dining experience.

今回新たに造られた食事処。マスターウォールのダイニングテーブルとチェアを組み合わせ、ダウンライトの静かなスポットの光にテーブルライト(Ambientec のTurn)でお食事に彩りを加えてみました。



Kyosen is a secluded ryokan quietly nestled in a wonderful natural setting. For this renewal project, we aimed to create a chic, people-friendly, and serene space that incorporates simplicity and modernity within a Japanese-style space that makes the most of its location. We were particular about the garden, where owls and flying squirrels stop by, and the Tenryu River valley outside the window, so that guests can enjoy the view.